About company

Welcome to Modus Luxe! - Customers’ Most Convenient Intermediary… Modus Luxe is a dynamic brokerage and intermediary company scattered across EU countries. We have rapidly carved a niche for ourselves in the brokerage industry since inception in 2008 through our professional and less hassle intermediary services. We offer our clients intermediary services in the selection and purchasing of products/materials from Czech Republic and other European countries.

We are aware that importers/buyers are very careful in choosing their intermediaries because of trust and integrity issues. Some have complained shipping of less quality products - far less than what they ordered for. This is why we don’t joke with customers’ satisfaction and confidence because we so much believe that – “clients’ success is Modus Luxe’s success”. Here in Modus Luxe; INTEGRITY and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION have always been our watchwords. Since 2008 of our inception as a reputable intermediary company, we can make bold to say that; “we have the confidence of our clients”.

As our client, all you need is to select good products from the product list with promising margin, then, rely on Modus Luxe to handle the quality problems. We grew our niche base of customers with guaranteed high quality products, focusing primarily on manufacturing companies. Thanks to good relationship with European manufacturers, this has really been our mainstay in delivering high quality products to our clients.

Our activities

Search for suppliers and intermediary activities when buying goods

Quality products from leading world producers

Freight completion and provision of full service for good export out of the EU

Freight transport and transport materials preparation

  • Order acceptance in a way suitable for you
  • Flexible question solving
  • Information support
  • High maintenance service
  • Flexible prices
  • Organized delivery system
  • Infallibility guarantee
  • Integrity We believe in staying true to quality and globally recognized best practice in all that we do. We are open to feedback from our clients.
  • Honesty Honesty is measured by the strength of the relationship that we have with our clients. We stand for unique value proposition in every engagement with our clients. Our charge for each service rendered is commensurable to the work we do.

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