Intermediary activities

Modus Luxe is the buyers’ Most Convenient Intermediary Company in the EU countries; fully dedicated to the excellent brokerage and intermediary services to importers/ buyers within and outside EU. We offer importers intermediary services in the selection and purchasing of products/materials from Czech Republic and other European countries. We have got good relationships with European manufacturers and reliable suppliers; these have helped us to stay ahead of competition in delivering of high quality products to clients since inception.

The advantages of using Modus Luxe intermediary service in international trade are innumerable. We have solved all your selection and purchasing problems; we have direct contacts with the manufacturers or suppliers of goods. We established these contacts via personal contact and visits of international thematic exhibitions (Productronica, EMO Hannover, Hannover Messe, InnoTrans, Amper, Eurotrans, MSV, IMT, LogiMat and others).

In addition to a wide selection of products we offer our clients additional services. We find direct manufacturers and preparation based on individual customer orders. We guarantee immediate customer notification concerning all conditions of acquisition, running issues, materials preparation and arrange freight road or air transport service. Our intermediary activities are strategically aligned to meet customers’ requirements for the importation of their needed goods.


We use the listed steps in achieving our full package intermediary services

Quality Products Assurance Services

We help customers to find the right manufacturer
or supplier with quality products based
on customer’ needs

Custom Services

Specification of the products conditions
(in the case of made-to-order)
Specification of prices, minimum
amount of goods, delivery and payment conditions

Logistics Services

Order performance control
Order Tracking and Freight Reporting
Efficient, effective, and hassle-free total freight completion
Fast Delivery – we offer fastest delivery services using cargo airplanes or motor vehicles

Advantages of using MODUS LUXE intermediary services:

Because of our good relationships with manufacturers and suppliers our clients will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Minimized risk of working with unknown suppliers.
  • Reduced costs per product
  • The possibility to produce certain goods according to parameters specified by the client
  • Fast and effective communication (in Russian, English, German, Czech)
  • Assistance in dealing with unusual situations
  • We offer full service to our clients concerning the preparation of materials necessary for the export of goods from the EU. We therefore provide range of services for small and large companies that specialize in importation of goods from the EU and other countries.
  • The import services are based on the delivery of goods to the Customs office in Russia with a complete set of materials from the seller.

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