Buyers’ Most Convenient Intermediary

Modus Luxe is a dynamic intermediary company with specialties in providing high-quality custom intermediary services designed to suit customer's needs.

Here in Modus Luxe you need not worry about how to start; we will help you search for suppliers, select quality products from EU’s leading manufacturers, and do the freight completion. We offer clients intermediary services in the selection and purchasing of products/materials from Czech Republic and other European countries.

Our services are custom based; individually fashioned to suit each customer’s requirements. It is Smooth Sailing with Modus Luxe Intermediary Services – customer’s satisfaction is assured with guaranteed quality products.

Currently Modus Luxe offers wide range of services related to purchase and delivery of electrical and electronic components, fastening materials, devices etc.

Сo-operation only with reliable partners for competitive prices is guaranteed to our customers
What Makes Us The Best?
Purchase in EU and beyond

Modus Luxe offers buyers the best intermediary activities when buying goods in Europe and beyond. Thanks to our good relationships with EU manufacturers and suppliers which have been our mainstay in rendering of excellent services to customers.

Logistics Services

We treat customer’s business as our own; knowing that “timely delivery” is one of the important services customers are mostly concerned about. We offer fast delivery services using cargo airplanes or motor vehicles depending on the customers’ needs. Modus Luxe offers efficient total freight completion; effective Order Tracking and Freight Reporting

Buying of Equipment And Accessories

We offer individual selection of fine products; produced according to the order description.

Full Customer Service

Our freight completion is the best – no hassle, no stress. We have provision for full service concerning goods export; very organized system of delivery.

Electronic Components from
Reputable Manufacturers
Electrical Equipment from
the Best Manufacturer
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